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If you are suffering from debilitating migraine headaches and conventional medical and pharmacological therapies have not offered
relief from your attacks, you may be a candidate for either Botox Treatment or Surgical Intervention. At MIGRAINE SOLUTIONS,
we strive to offer our patients innovative, ground-breaking treatments, coupled with compassionate, comprehensive medical care.


Surgical Overview


Please phone our facility and schedule a consultation with our specialists. We ask that you keep a Migraine Log for 4 weeks prior to your consultation. Our office can fax, email, or mail you an information packet as well as your personal Migraine Log.


After reviewing your medical history and discussing the particulars of your case, you will be given a diagnostic application of Botox.

Botox is a small, safe, FDA approved dose of botulinum toxin, typically used for cosmetic purposes to achieve a more youthful appearance. Botox temporarily paralyzes muscles which cause wrinkles and frown-lines. It is believed that some migraines are triggered by muscles that pinch key nerves in your head. Frowning muscles in the forehead, chewing muscles in the temples, and muscles in the back of the head are typical perpetrators. By paralyzing these specific muscles, relief of pressure on the nerves breaks the spasm/pain cycle. This is an off-label use of Botox.

The diagnostic application of Botox will help us determine is nerve pressure is triggering your migraines. If you experience relief after the Botox injections, you may be a candidate for surgery.


Muscle paralysis from Botox lasts around 3 months. The injection takes about 2 to 7 days to reach its maximum effect. Following the diagnostic application, you will keep another 4 week Migraine Log.


Four weeks after your first consultation, you will return to our facility for another physical examination. Based on the information gathered from your Migraine Logs and consultations, your physician will discuss your treatment options.


If the Botox application improved your condition, then you may be a surgical candidate. Recent studies have revealed that Botox reduced or eliminated attacks in 80% of study participants. However, this effect is only temporary, and repeat injections would be required.

A positive response from Botox indicates that you are likely to benefit from surgical intervention. In the surgery, the targeted muscles will be release through small incisions hidden within the hair. Sometimes migraines can be triggered by a deviated septum causing inflammation of the sinuses. This condition can be surgically corrected as well.

The surgery is performed under deep sedation or general anesthesia at our fully accredited out-patient ambulatory facility. Our surgical team consists of seasoned professionals who have been in practice for over twenty years. You will be in good hands with our Board Certified plastic surgeon, anesthesiologist, surgical scrub tech, and surgical R.N. We can also arrange for you to go home with a nurse to help you with your overnight recovery.



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